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Friday, April 9, 2010

Craving for This

This is actually quiet a long time ago meal that I cooked for my beloved Mr Hubby with conjunction of our 2nd anniversary last year November. It was the time when we went back to my MIL house. And I have started again of feeling tempted if I could have it again.. (wish that Mr Hubby will read this..hehehee)

I have been craving for prawn (the L size prawn ~wink~) and have been nagging Mr Hubby to get it for me but finally after like dozens of time only I could taste it..Once I got it, this is the menu that turned up..not for anyone else than him.. ;-)

udang besar masak lemak cili api
The ingredients: (for 1 kilo of prawn)
prawn (L size)
onion (4-5 pcs)
garlic (2 pcs)
ginger (1 inch)
turmeric (1 inch)
cili api (10-15 pcs)
* blend all the above ingredients*
2 pieces of lemon grass (punched)
lime leaves (torned)
coconut milk

How do you prepare it..??
  • saute all the blended ingredients
  • put in the lemon grass that been punched
  • put in carrots and prawn..stir until the prawns turned to a bit reddish and the carrots a bit soft
  • pour in the coconut milk and put in together the lime leaves
  • when it been boiled, put in all the tomatoes and stir until everything is cooked
  • turn off the stove and it is ready to be served
Actually there will a few more ingredient could be added in but as I am kind of a pemalas punya orang so I end up with this simple but yet yummier than normal masak lemak recipe..hiks hiks..So everyone, have a pleasant time of cooking..Happy Weekend..yeaa..


Drama Mama said...

nyum nyummm! resipi mak mentua ka nih imma?:-)

Imma said...

dak aihh..memandai-mandai sendiri jaa..muakakakaa..tp klu nak yg betoi punya..dia ada kena masukkan biji jintan (tumbuk haluih), daun kunyit hiris2 etc etc..tp biasalaa...org penyegan kan.. :-D