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Monday, April 5, 2010

Catcheye is Giving MONEY For FREE..!!

I was actually just came back from school. While my baby is still tightly sleeping, I am taking some minutes reviewing my email and FB inbox if there are any messages buzzing me about anything that could boost up my evening mood.

I had came across tot his message sent by one of my very old friend inviting me to join making money just by using your index finger. And let me share it out with you all and no harm trying since I could see many of us are placing Nuffnang to be one of the platform of making passive money.

It is almost the same. You may want to know more about this and just visit this link, or click on the image below, they will tell you all the information that you may curious about.

Join Catcheye..You Earn..You get rewarded..You Donate to Charity

Catcheye is an online advertising platform that allows advertisers to deliver their advertisements in a highly effective manner. For our information, catcheye is now growing very fast with the almost 100,000 signed up members. So what are you waiting for..!!

How to join..??!! SIMPLE..
  1. Click on this Catcheye link
  2. Click on Join Catcheye button on the bottom of the main page
  3. Complete you information, IC# and your address <-- this is IMPORTANT as payment cheque will be sent following the information you have provided.
  4. Answer 3 simple question. Wrong answer will not qualified you for successful registration. <-- Answer for Q1 : 1st option, Q2 : 2nd option and Q3 : 1st option.
  5. After all, follow the instruction to proceed with the account confirmation.
  6. You had entitled for RM1 cash redemption and 1000 catch points upon successful registration.
Hey..!! You may not want to make it alone. There fore, come and let the others to know too and we are together growing up our earnings by sharing the information on this.

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