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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Dinner @MFM, AutoCity

Of our dinner moment at Manhattan Fish Market Autocity last night. This is the main course exclude the small guy a the very corner of the pic.. :-P

Hubby have been craving for this meal for quite a long time but I was keep on saying "alaaa..takdak tempat lain kaa" and I don't know why I was always to say NO about MFM..ahaks..Once a year restaurant kannn..hiks hikss..

Boboy with his 'kiddies meal' of Gish and Chips with fresh orange

So last night we made it since no where to go for our dinner there. Plus it was raining during that time and both of us were kind of lazy to think of the place to go for dinner.

We were actually on our way back from kampung and as usual we used to drop by at Autocity even just fo r a while. As hubby always said, "nama pon pi ronda kann"..

Bila Boboy nak siap menulis nii..papa dah kekenyangan and mengantuk laa..kita nak balik dah niii..hukhuks..


Nay-MrsNurl said...

selalu lalu jek depan MFM. kerana?chenta hati tak mkn ikan.seydeh haha!

Imma said...

hmm..bawak jer kasik dia try salmom..konfem pasni dia nak jer pegi MFM tuu..keke..the rest of the meal..for me just so and so jer..

Lady of Leisure said...

tak pernah lagi try makan di sini... trout ada tak?

Drama Mama said...

hahhh....for us Manhattan ni once in a lifetime restaurant kot. muahahahaha... fish is a no-no for amin, the rest of the marine life is a no-no for me except for prawn. So kami better stick to PHOP kot. haha

Imma, jom kita double date (dgn si kenit2 skali daa) one of these days makan kat Elmondo Pizza nak? lama tak makan, teringinnnnnnnn! hiks

Imma said...

alamak..tak sure laa trout ader ker tidak..try laa pegi..maklumlaa..ma pegi pon setahun skali jer kan..so tak pasti laa for all the menus kat situ..

Imma said...

Jom jom jom..tak pernah lagi try situ..bes gaks erk..but Bai kena rekemen laa apa yg menarik kat Elmondo tuu..Pas Amin balik dari Jakarta laa..bleyh dia blanja..wohhoo... ;-)

p/s: isk..awat laa my Mr Hubby tak reply on this comment threads sdgkan dia yang baca dulu..He told me last night Bai ajak pi Elmondo..

Drama Mama said...

Imma, suh Top racun Amin dulu..kalau Bai ajak sure tak jalan. Muahahahahha

p/s : Kat Elmondo Pizza dia la sedap, the rest tak berapa la kot :-)

Imma said...

Drama Mama:
OK OK..sat balik nanti nak habaq kat FadziL..mesti Amin kata OK punya lah..sbb dia tak pernah kecewakan kawan kan..esp kawan baik.. ~wink wink~