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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Cameron Trip - Part III to be

We (colleagues) will be celebrating family day next week and guess where it will be..yeahh..again and again, I'll be to Cameron Highlands for the 3rd time of my life and the 2nd time of our jalan-jalan activities. This event is kindly organizing by Kak Mawar representing all among St George teachers and staffs.

I am joining even we just came back from holiday trip to Cameron Highlands last month during the school holiday. I was such a very supportive fellow, (puji diri sendiri sat) and I'll bring along both my beloved boys too. Since me and Mr Hubby really loves the jalan-jalan activities, and therefore ha has no much objection of going too..That is why I love him a lot and even indescribably for being really supportive and being by my side at anywhere and everywhere I be.. ;-)

This photo had been taken during our last trip some time last month

Today is the closing date for those are going to make their confirmation. Even I feel sad too as some of us could not be part of us during the fun time but no obligation for them as everyone will have their own reason for why they can't make it.

Preview : We had planned for some activities there in order to make the trip more fun instead of shopping and visiting. There will be steamboat gathering during the first day night and games on the next day before we go for shopping and visiting. By the way, we will be going on Saturday morning as early as when the flies woke up..hihhiii...

Do wait for the update once I came back. Come and help me of counting the day as there will be 10 more days to go..uhuks uhukks..Really can't wait for the day to come..weeeee ;-)

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