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Friday, April 16, 2010

Georgian will be to Cameron Highland..

Yess..being too lazy this lately to click on New Post to update for any new stories of mine..plus with the uncountable of works at school this week and plus too I have no idea what to tell about.

Since my conscious mind is now thinking about of our trip tomorrow, here the pre-stories of it..Hahah..this is the pic for warming up..

T-shirt sponsored by them that are sooooo generous..Thanks a lot..We are a family yeaahh..!!
~(back side design)~

Thanks to them that made a super high effort to make this for real..I love u Kak Mawar..To those that make my dear sis to feel not happy, please be remember that God will always pay you of what you have done..No worries Kak Mawar, we will definitely enjoy our trip tomorrow.. ~wink~

p/s: message for Mr Hubby - - > "Abg..please make sure that we will win the game on the next day trip yeah..hik hikss..

~ ~ ~ ~ PACKING MODE ~ ~ ~ ~

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