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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Georgian Family Day Trip to Cameron Highlands

After a week then only today I come with the story of the Georgian Family Day Trip to Cameron Highlands on 17th and 18th of April. Sounds like its going to be an old story but yet still wanna be posted here as promises..huhu..

Looking back during our last month family trip to Cameron, this time around, we did visited to the different places of interest. Mama and CheqYah..we are really sorry as we did not managed to pass your regards to uncle Raju as it was not one of the drop by spot..huhu..

As there were a lot of places and therefore of course a lot and a lot of photos had came out. As my by natural habits loooovesssss of taking pics, of course it will be thousands (tipunyaa beribu) pics to be uploaded and hence, again I make it into slide mode.

So guys, do enjoy the pics sliding over here.

Owh..by the way, sharing with you some of the activities being held there of course couple game.. lari ikat kaki..hahaha..tanya laa siapa yg oraganize.. ~wink~ Kak Mawar said that, "this time laa hampa boleh tengok couple2 nii berpeluk-pelukan lari..hahaha..soooo loving of them.. ;-)

We had been staying at the Anthurium Apartment, such a nice and calm area in Brinchang. The temp was more or less about 27-29 degrees..owh what a so cold time I love the moment..Steam boat that been prepared was really cool..Credit to Kak Mawar and the gang..

Really wish and hope to have this such of lovely moment and activity in future ahead..Love the folks of Georgian so much. Thank God for placing me among these kind of people that soooo kind..Syukran

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