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Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Herbs that Made My Life

I got to know about Herbalife about a year back from my good friend that been using this for quite a long time. This product is really works for me. I am having constipation problem especially after given birth to my little boy in November 2008. Due to the cesarean procedure during the delivery, I had a very limited treatment such as after deliver whole body massages, doing frequent exercise and etc etc.

Furthermore, I had a very limited time when I had been offered to undergo for education course in Shah Alam right two months after deliver. And up to one time, I had decided to find some solution on my back pain which was the side effect to the epidural last time and the most obvious was my body size as well as the weight which was I found out that so hard to get back to normal.

Therefore, I came across with Herbalife as an option and guess what, I really would want to recommend it to people those have a very high intention of improving their health as well as loosing their weight, here the perfect solution for you as what I've already got. It's provides me with the nutritious meal which really works to fulfill my needs.

Last week, some kind of bad news from them (Herbalife) that had decided to increase the price had made me to feel a little bit frustrated looking to the quite high increment of the items. Since one of my colleague intended to put a try on it, I have decided to place the order with some extra stock. So in the future, if I still need it, I may put some extra consideration of getting it since the price that quite high as for now...tsk tsk tsk..


Drama Mama said...

ermmm, maknanya imma beli utk imma gak ka tak? hehehe...kurus la lepas nih!

Imma said...

tumpang skaki jugak laa..since skrg duk start rasa balik sakit2 belakang and plus tgh plan to get pregnant kan..so takut laa obes during pregnancy even the first pergnancy dulu tak dak pon prob obes....huhuu..

adcom said...

epidural tu ade side effect ke imah? sakit blkg tu sakit bhgn mana? tang pinggul ke?

Imma said...

side effect due tu epidural tuh sakit kat tulang belakang..smpi ke tengkuk bisa dia..org bersalin normal jarang laa kena unless dia amik epidural..tp kes side effect from epidural ni jarang2 berlaku..1-2cases dalam 10 delivery.. :-) so no worries..!!