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Friday, March 26, 2010

Cameron Highlands Holiday Trip

It has been almost two weeks since we came back from the holiday trip to Cameron Trip but I have never tell the story of the trip yet..huhuhu..my bad and sorry to those who are waiting for it. It was like a story that been expired but now only the time I would wanna tell you guys..A really big apologize please...

By the way, the trip was really sweet. We were about three family going in convoy driving and stay under the one roof there @Alina Holidays Apartment some place in Tanah Rata. We managed to visited few places of interest which were of course strawberries farm and tea garden, MARDI, souvenir shop and other more places.

The very first spot location being visited on the day 1 trip was Sungei Palas Boh Tea Center. Quite a nice and cool place to be but I bet the one which is in BOH is the most interesting. We (me and Mr HUbby) had been there during our sweet honeymoon moment in Dec. 2007.

@Sungei Palas BOH Tea Center

After that, we headed to check in to the apartment before we start again the exploration of the place :-D Such a nice place to stay can be said. After that, we went to one of the souvenirs center which I could not remember what the name is. We wandering around and get some stuffs from there and left to the next stop.

@Souvenirs Center

Yeahh..Raju Strawberries Farm!! Uncle Rajoo..here we come..hehehee..We had such a really nice waffle with strawberries and choc dip and best ever teh tarik in strawberry flavored. But I could make one the better than the best since I don't want to let uncle Rajoo to win my hubby's heart just like that..~buwekk~ And not forgetting the strawberry ice-cream that I was craving for was very yummy and MUST TRY one. ;-)

Must try Strawberries Ice-Cream and strwaberries with choc dip waffle

After had such a nice tea time at Raju's, it's almost Maghrib and no place else than pasar malam to get something for dinner but unfortunately the weather that time was not so good and it was raining and the terrible traffic jam. So all the Mr Daddies had decided to send back all wifies and kids to the apartment and go out again among them to buy dinner.

The second day of trip was started with a short drop by @Cameron Bharat Tea Valley.

After that to MARDI. One stop of place to visit on the fruits and veges farm as well as flowers. It's the day that we were about to go back off from the trip and before that, we managed to stop at Uncle Raju's place once again to get some tea and straigh away after that the last drop was Healthy Strawberries Garden to get some strawberries before heading down from the highlands.


Yess, such a sweet memorable moment that we had where I could see my little one had so much of fun having so many friends around him. I wish to have this kind of holiday again some other time ahead perhaps. Jom Mama jom.. ~wink wink~

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