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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

March yang Sangat 'BZ'

I really have a very tight time now since last week and March will be even worst. Last week we had went through with the week of test for students and all teachers were really tied to a very compact and tight time. Some more with this week of programmes.

Sorry for all friends, blogger and my blog readers for the short entry lately..I am having really a short time to do blogging and blog-reading these few weeks. Promise will do it again once everything back to usual. I am actually really can't wait for the school holiday to come this 13th of March. Minus this week, yeahh there is one more week only to go..

Yes...holiday..!! holiday..!! holiday trip again..!!!! Jom Mama..We have the fun time together-gether yeahh.. ~wink~


idah said...

patut la xder entry sangat sebelum ni...bz rupanya...hehehe

Imma said...

ha aaa idah...sgt bz..huhu...sowi erk...3 4 hari juak laa xdak entry tp still nk post jugak..at least something and actually bnyk benda nak cerita through out last weekend taw..!

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