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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Sorry and Thanks

First of all, I would like to express my sorry to all my readers as well as the silent readers for keeping away from my home for quite a long time lately due to the BZness yang melanda di sekolah..huhuhuu.. :-( But I just can't wait for this Friday to come..Yeahh! school holiday..!! yeayy..!! and yet the holiday trip that planned is to come of course..

Actually there are a lot of things that I really wish I can update here since these few days but will try to give the best here during the school holiday next week.

And last but not least for this post, I would really like to wish a very much of thanks to Wani for this lovely goodies for Boboy. It's her son's birthday back few days. I was really proud of her kindness of sending this to my doorstep last two night while we were having our dinner at home.

YOSS choc wafer, yeah..Boboy really loves wafers..asik duk mintak lalek (= chocolate) selagi mummy tak bukak the packs. Tutak..!! tutakk..!! (tutak is= bukak)

Anyway Wani, thanks again and again yeah..And all of you guys, wait for the update from Cameron with Mama okeyh.. ~wink wink~


Wanie said...

a'ha rasa terharu pulak...tadak apa pun imma..cuma teringat kat boboy..nih ja mampu bagi sebab kek dah habis dibelasah...

Imma said...

takpa Wanie, ingatan is already a really high appreciation to me from you..thanks Wanie..love u my fwen.. ;-) ~wink~

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