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Monday, March 22, 2010

Of My Tight Saturday

Last Saturday was the day that been filled with such a lot of activities after been lied down for such a looong time of sickness. So it's the time for 'revenge' (hahahaa), time for jalan-jalan. I miss window shopping a lot since we can't do it during the last week school holiday. So, before I get back to school again, hubby took me for some released activity.
Yeaa..getting ready before going out..yeah still there were some minutes for posing.. :-)

We had fulfilled one birthday invitation from Mama and Mamu, of their little son birthday bash, Irfan turns TWO..Happy Birthday Irfan. Thanks Mama and family for inviting us to join your family gathering. Boboy for sure had so much of fun meeting so many friends during the day.

Irfan was so happy receiving a lot of birthday presents, so many friends and who said Irfan kedekut I don't agree as he shared a lot of his toys with Boboy. Thank you Irfan..

This is the goodies that Boboy got from the Birthday Bash plus with two but actually three chocolate dip biscuit candy.. ;-) they all were really cute and nice. "Bai..nanti kirim salam kat mak Bai erk, suka sembang ngan dia even sekejap jaa.."

Thank you abang Irfan..nak balik dah..but Boboy wanted to have fun as there was playground..so one round for him.. :-D

Right after that we headed to Prangin Mall as my sister had been infected by some kind of virus spread by me..ahahahahaa..We went to Photo President again after I bought my G11 last week, she wanted to get one too and guess what, she really meant of her word..

Coolpix mini tripod tuh given for free from the salesman and I got one too..wuakakakaa..

Then, where else the destination..? Got in to the car then we headed to Gurney Plaza. Actually Hubby would like to find for his Nexus One accessories from the HTC Conceptual Store there but unfortunately they don't have it for now. Ahaks, abang, kena online shop lagi laa jawabnya ;-).

But while walking around, my sister was trying on her new gadget.. ;-) taking few photos before the battery drained. The photo quality are not bad but still it is small for me to handle. I just scare of dropping it due to the size that really cute.

The very 1st pic from her Canon Digital Ixus 870IS..secomel Boboy tersengih nii. This pic was taken while we were on our way to Gurney Plaza.

Cheeyywahh..!!Menten hensem duk dalam stroller while going up the escalator..heheheee..Amboii..

We went to find the present for kakak & adik's birthday the next day (Sunday) at Toy's R Us and got one stuff for Boboy too. The whole last week, Boboy was everyday and everytime keep on asking for 'naa nuleih' (nak tulis!). He was asking for a pen and book to write..sampai merajuk2 and menangis2 selagi tak dapat. So Hubby bought this writing board for him.

Look at him..He can't wait until we reach home then open it. Kat Toy's R Us lagi dia dah suruh tutak (=bukak). Really passionate when it comes to the books and pen/pencils.

Wow, rilax boy..don't get angry..You look so serious hokey..! Mummy just wanna take your pic only. I know that you wanted to write..ahaks..OK, go ahead and cont your drawing. :-)

After all the seek and search, then it's time for dinner but Boboy had fall asleep and look at him that was sleeping sooo soundly in his stroller, letih dah laa tuu..

Initially we wanted to have our dinner at A&W but suddenly Hubby came across with Swensens in front of his eyes. And yet what else we were waiting for, it's time for it after seeking it no more in QBay Mall..huhu..

These are the meal that we had for dinner. Nice course since lama tak makan sedap2..org sakit kan.. :-P

Manhattan Fish Market..?? We called it as 'once a year restaurant' hahaha..Of course there was a story behind it. But after this I guess it would not be 'once a year restaurant' lagi kan abang ;-)

After all, then we headed back when the time is almost 10.30 at night. Reach home at about 11.30pm, get ready for bed, iron the clothes for Monday as Sunday will be another tight day. Kakak & adik will have birthday party as well. Again..Birthday bell has rang..And wait for the next birthday post again yeah :-).


idah said...

salam kak..
kalau dah anak cg tu mmg mcm tu...
rajin..xleh jumpa pen n kertas...
moga2 sampai besar rajin nya..

Imma said...

InsyaAllah..doakan mcm tu hendaknya sampai besar erk..Aminnn...

Ikut mcm kak idah jugak..rajin blajar.. ;-)

Drama Mama said...

imma, nanti nak gambar bday tu bole? tolong email kat bai bila free ya ;-)

Drama Mama said...

imma, thanks for coming, irfan dah fun with the kids. and sure i can see my mak also had fun chatting with imma.

haaa menarik kamera adik imma beli tu, berapa juta eh? kalau trade in ngn camera lama dia ambik tak?

Imma said...

nanti ima upload kat online folder Bai download naa..sbb nak email tiap2 satu size besaq laa..satgi duk attach berjam2 tak sudah..

Ada laa 5 6 keping kot klu tak silap.. :-)

Imma said...

Comel kan..1K jaa all together..mai nak pi beli harga reg cust..ahaks..but tak sure kedai tuh accept trade in ker tidak..hmm..nak kena tya laa..camera apa nak trade in.. ;-)

Drama Mama said...

imma, ixus gak tapi model apa tak ingat la. pic quality not as good as it used to be. kedai mana tu kat prangin?

Imma said...

yaa kaa..pixel quality rendah kot but usually kalau dah 5M above tuh dah cantik dah..IXUS mmg cantik gmbq dia..salah tgkp kot..

kedai gambaq photo president, tingkat bawah skali..

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