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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Timang Tinggi-tinggi

At most of the time..mummy yang suka lambung and timang Boboy tinggi..and dia mesti akan tergelak besaq bila mummy lambung dia..

But for this time around Boboy pulak yang buat pada Titie (Mickey) dia..Really he love his Titie so much until at thousands of time a day if happened he met with his Titie anywhere (tak kira dalam bilik kaa, ruang tamu kaa as he love to bring this around in the house) he will sure kiss and hug it so much..hahhaa..

Here is Boboy with his beloved friend at home instead having his mom and dad.. ;-) Berjaya jugak recorded this video as it was not easy to do it. Boboy will never act if thecamera is in front of him..hehehe..

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