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Friday, January 1, 2010

New Life of 2010 Is Now Begin

On this 1st day of the new year I am now realize that it's been soooo long I've been staying at home with no income..waiting for something that no one knows what it would be as a result..and yet I am seems the victim of the situation..

I started realize that I had fall into one of the bad temper behavior :-( and I truly believe it is due to the condition that really had down put my hope and my ambition..I've been trapped in this situation where I really hope I could managed to control every feelings that come..Yes..I think I should be stronger than before to stand together with more challenges that will come..

So started with the new day of new year today..I really pray to Allah to show me the right way..give me the strength to face all these and open the path and therefore I would be able to walk through it smoothly..

"Imma..do stand and think positively and remember that there are still people that need you and they are really love you sooo much..they are always supportive of what you will be doing and all the decision that you are takin.."

Friends, please do pray for me too and I'll always wish and pray for your and our happiness together too..



Drama Mama said...

happy new year imma. insyaAllah imma akan dapat what u wish for, doa banyak2 ya.

take care

Lady of Leisure said...

yeah imma... go go go.. start a new year with a brand new life.. its never to late to start something new.. :)

Imma said...

thanks Bai..skrg tgh menunggu dan mencari kut2 dapat kerja lain sementara ni nak survive...

anyway..all the best to u too..and happy new year.. :-)

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