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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Puasa on the 6th day

Today is the 6th day we had fasting adn since the first day after had 'roti jala' with beef curry for buka puasa..only today I have the opportunity to cook something..Guess what..i'm preparing mee udang..resepi sendiri (chaitt..!! perasan :-P) for my family breakfasting this evening..don't know jadi or not later..so..tungguuu...will update the result..muahahahhaaa...since i had bought all the stuffs for it..so have to start it by now..it pass than 4pm already..as later nak pegi pasar ramadhan puak..hehehe...looking for something additional like kuih and I really feel like to have soy drink later..hehehe...bunyik macam org mengidam laa pulak kann..who wants to give me a hand let me know.. ;-)

ok...got to go now...will post the update when i have some free space..hehehe...miss ya..

added @ 7.00pm
Here i come back again and with me this round with the result as i said..hehehee..Thank God
as i managed to settle everything and get what i feel like to have..hmm..for sure the main course of the day is 'mee udang' and here it is..

And the side dish are cucur bawang ikan bilis, kuih cara manis, kuih lapis milo, murtabak and bubur lambuk... ;-) hmm banyaknyaa...plus soy drink utk org mengidam..(perasan..berangan) padahal 5org jer pon dalam rumah yg nak makan..xper..janji meriahkan bulan Ramadhan..bukan selalu..setahun skali jaa...

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