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Friday, September 11, 2009

Fasting on 21st Day

Owhh God..its now 20th days we had perform our fasting and hope everyone of us are getting the bless from Allah in this great holy month..and counting to the very short time we will celebrate the big day for all Muslims from the whole world..'Idul Fitri..Thank God as we are still alive and being given the opportunity to go through all these for all this while until this second..

After the update on the 6th day fasting..i had been going off from blogging for quite a long time and only now i feel like to see and tell something here to you frenz..Talking about me and my family about celebrating the hari raya for this year..this time around we will going back to Johor..my mom's hometown and its been 3 years we had never been back there..i truly believe mom is really miss her mother a lot as its not the same to feel the real rather than hearing the voice just over the phone..

Kuih raya..?? hmm just have 3 to 4 recipies only in the planning to be prepare and the rest for additional will be order..(kuih tunjuk-tunjuk or kuih click-click :-D) and last weekend we (me and my sisters) had done with 3 of them which are arepineapple tart, raisins cookies and sweet hazel cookies (famous amuous immitation :-P..) walaupun ramai yang mengacau..tengokkan jer laah nii...


Weekend again is calling up and back to the plan..yess kuih raya again..this round may be Mazola Peanut Cookies and don't know if there are some more we would like to add..hehehehee..but all are very depending on the situation as my little boy will always be very 'helpful' while his mummy is starting with her plan..huhuuu..for every single thing that mummy hold and do he will want to do and immitate the same...owhh!! that's my boy.. :-)


Drama Mama said...

haha biasa lah. irfan camtu gak. that's why kalau nak buat kuih raya kena tunggu ada orang jaga dia, or buat malam buta time dia dah tidoq. tsk tsk tsk

Imma said...

bila malam buta..mummy dia pon membuta jugak..tak jadi laa kuih raya nyaa.. heheheh

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