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Monday, September 28, 2009

Dinner @OldTown White Coffee

Today i had started with replacing my fasting for the 1st day and intent to make if full for this week..i'm not prefer to delay it as i believe if so then it wont be finished until the next Ramadhan is reaching..hehehe..and i bet all are the same as well..*** jangan nak tipu laa :-P ***

Today hubby ajak berbuka at Old Town White Coffee..Love you my Dear..bringing together our little notty boy..had prawn curry noodle while hubby had nasi lemak with chiken rendang..nice meal..Boboy with his fav mom's made porridge brought all the way from home..

Hmm..photo..?? just managed to get this..as usual..our little notty boy with the collection of his funny face...muehehehee...Mummy..i am full laa..can i had enuff of it..pleasee...huhuu..
*** makin hari..makin notty..makin smart..and makin pandai pilih mknn..hmm..my boy.. ***

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Drama Mama said...

nasi lemak old town sedap! nyum nyumm!