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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Menu of The Day

Since almost 2 weeks back did not touch the cooking stuffs..of course when the raya holidays had started..I was like busy with so many thing..preparing the house, packing stuffs for balik kampung to Johor, travel and yet no chance to slot in cooking activity and some more plus with tiredness which make me lazy to cook..

But yesterday I feel like to cook something for break fast..Since everyone in the house are fasting, i feel teringin nak makan ayam perap goreng berempah..hmm yummy..Got back from school was almost 3.30pm..wind down a moment sambil melayan karenah anak aku yang semakin cheeky day to day..After solat and get my baby to asleep, i went out to shop..beli macam2 buat stock so if today or tomorrow if I would like to cook, I don't need to go out again and shop..Bought veges, chicken, squid, prawn, fishes (beli brg dapor mcm makcik2 :-D ).

Get home at 5.30pm..rileks jap then get the cooking progress started at 5.45pm and done at 6.30pm..Hmm..feel like can't wait to buka puasa when the smell from the spiced chicken were really excite me..Get to shower..prepare my little boy and getting ready for buka puasa..

These are the courses that I managed to prepared: fishball tomyam soup, spicy fried chicken, fried tofu with sambal kicap, french beans with prawn. Drink: Nata drink and sugar cane juice.

There are still some fishes, squid, chicken in the freezer..please help to provide me some ideas what to cook for today...hehehee..Thinking of ikan kembung bakar this evening..hmm...

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