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Friday, October 2, 2009

Pot Luck @SkewL

After about two and a half month being at school, SMK St George Balik Pulau..this is the second round having pot luck together with all the Georgians teachers and co-workers..Last time we had it to celebrate the farewell for the previous school principal and this time around with conjunction of hari raya, so we do it again to and make it as 'Jamuan Hari Raya'.

We have so many types of food today and all are of course with the theme of hari raya meal like ketupat, rendang, nasi impit, serunding, soto, curry mee, singapore meehoon, puding raja, puding coktail, coktail drink, fruits and so many others like cookies laa, kerepek laa..huhh..!! there were a lot of food and it is so many to list everything down here..But I wish I could eat everything but I wasn't..since finish the fasting month, I feel like my stomach is getting smaller as I got full very fast even with little of fill.

Preparation Group in pose and action :-P

Eating time..

Sweet..everyone are in 'baju raya' (except me :-P)

Being at this school make me fall in love of their very good relationship among each other as we are living with in a family..everyone are so closed to each other..they are really helpful..they are friendly..they are very humble..All in all I'm so happy being part of them at school..I bet that I will miss them a lot and the moment of being together while after leaving the school.. ~sobb sobb..~


Nurul Ulfa said...

dah jadi cigku ke imma...tahniah! imma bawa makanan apa untuk potluck???

Imma said...

belum jadi cikgu lagi ulfa..last year GSTT..this year teaching prac..insyaAllah thn depan posting..doa2kan laa erk..

Bawak hapernyer..aper pon xder dah kat umah tuu..yer laa beraya kat Johor kan thn ni..lepas Johor umah mak mantua pulak..last 3 days cuti baru balik Penang..So ima share je ngan cikgu kat sini..dia buat kek lapis..tuh yg ima blajar buat jugak tuu tp tak jadi sgt laa..hehehheee