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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Today's Captures

Alaahai..comeynyaa sayang mummy nii..
After being a long time since Boboy was born as a baby and now he has grown up..this is the next time I managed to took his pic crying..hahaha...so funny..Today when I came back from school and as usual he likes to follow on my back and 'menangis tipi-tipu' when I did not carry him up..and today was the same while i walked in to the bedroom and he was actually tengah minum susu..I did not noticed that he was following on my back and suddenly I heard that he felt down while walking very fast to the room catching on me and menangis laa si kecik ni beriya-iya.. 1) because mummy walked by to the room and did not carry him. 2) he might be felt painful a bit (jatuh tertiarap and luckily his head did not bang to the door bimb). 3) because plus with his 'mengada-ngada'ness..I carry him up and bring him to the sofa at the living hall..after being a while pujuk then he get OK back..

Mummy..your layer cake is really yummy..

Yesterday i had made a layer cake and today back from school i feel like eating it..walaupun tak cantik tapi it's really yummy hokey.. ;-) jangan jeles as I told the right yeahh..As i ate the cake..Boboy also want to eat it..When he wants something, what he know to say is 'mam'..So he was kinda repeating the word many times..mam mam mam..And when i take him and sit on the sofa..he was soooo excited as he is going to have it..yeaayyy..!!!

That was my boy...Oh God..he has grown up and now he is 11 months old..Yess..the time flies so fast..and I am really proud to see he is growing up right in front of my eyes..


adcom said...

alalala...manjanya dia...hehehe...ni bole msk buli contest nih...

Imma said...

ehh..aa ahh laa erk..bila ko cakap camtu baru aku terfikir..dua2 gmbr bole submit masuk buli contest kann..hehe.. ;-)
1st one: totally nmpk kena buli laa..nangis muka beriya sgt..
2nd one: kena paksa makan layer cake mummy buat dalam portion yg besar smpi terbeliak mata...hahahahaa... =))

adcom said...

betulll...aku sokong...hehe..

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