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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Fever..!! Fever..!! Please Go Away

My baby he talk a lot..he love to smile and laugh..he used to play with me, with his dad, with his tok, his aunties and everyone in the house..But not at time last few days..He had been so cranky at most of the time, the whole day was filled with the clingy-ness not to everyone in the house except him mommy..

We brought him to paed on Wednesday and according to her, Boboy had a very high fever at 39 degrees celcius of body temp that really made me to feel uncomfortable, worried and of course sooooo sad of having the hard time seeing my little baby suffering of the sickness. The ulcers were here and there in his mouth. His tonsil badly swollen that caused him could not to take meal and milk as usual. I had to spoon feeding him at the time when straw was no longer helping him sipping the drink. Asyik bagi tau sakit mulut sakit mulut..

Sleeping during the night time was the most worst moment as he could not sleep tightly. He woke up at every single hour and kept on saying "Mommy.....atit molot...mommy....atit molot...". Really I did not had a good enough sleeping time since these few nights..Till hari ni migraine mula menyerang..tsk tsk..

When the Friday had come, I could see the recovering on him..He managed to drink from cup as usual, taking his milk on his feeding bottle again, but not eating. He still refused to eat something a little bit solid such like soft rice..Bread smoothly soaked into milk was helped but only a little bite from a piece.

And today, he is really back to his condition as usual..being so active, so cheeky and so entertaining in front of our eyes..Thank God for returning my healthy boy back..I am so happy for him but the sickness is now slowly transitioning to his mom but I really do willing to accept it as long as not him to suffer of everything..Enough for the rest last few days..huhu


Drama Mama said...

Alhamdulillah, dah sembuh. Memang tak best bila anak sakit kan. kesian sangat. :-)


Imma said...

tuh laa..tgk dia nangis..kita skali nangis..