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Saturday, May 15, 2010

My Baby CooL... ;-)

My baby is being so cooooool these days with his new tampin tantik (lampin cantik) since we had started to use CD (cloth diapers to him.

Boboy with his new 1st CD..doesn't he look so cool I tell you..?? ;-)

Me and Mr Hubby are now taking the time of doing transitioning from regularly using disposable diapers to using CD for our little lovely boy due to the information that we gain little by little of the benefit of using reusable diapers compare to the disposable one.

Why CD..? Here you go with some info to share with.. ;-)

This info has been shared among my colleagues at school and they really positive on this..Good start for me of starting business..hik hiks.. ~wink~


illa said...

kat sini laa info tuh kan..


Drama Mama said...

rajinnya. bai memang tidak lah sanggup nak CDing sbb malas nak cuci semua tu on top of other works dok buat sensorang kat rumah ni. but agree memang banyak CD yang cun2 can be found online..anyway, happy CDing, go green bebeh! chaiyok!

Imma said...

Hahahaha..itu lahh..nak jimat duit kann..instead of other benifits..

Further more Boboy memang imma bagi pakai lampin pon kat rumah..except time tidoq malam and pi jalan2 or travel or balik kampung..at all time kat rumah mmg lampin..2 3 hari skali bilas semua masuk washing machine..basuh one shot.. ;-)

Drama Mama said...

wahhh serious boboy memang pakai lampin????rajinnya salin slalu! tapi CD can tahan up to a few hours kan nowadays. but the good quality ones la, mahal sikit tapi tahan lama. :-)

Wanie said...

tomey boboy pakai tampin tantik...hheheh