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Friday, May 21, 2010

Cerita Sang KanciL

Lately Boboy has such of difficulties of falling asleep even it is already late of the night, the light was all turned off and there were no any voice could be heard unless bunyi kipas yang macam helekopter dalam bilik due to the hot weather..

And these few days, the bedtime for Boboy was always been accompanied with the story of Cerita sang Kanchil to him that allegedly it will be such a bedtime story for him laaa..I had told him the stories like about 2 nights with hope that he will fall asleep with that super bored story told by his mother but unfortunately he is NOT and the other way round..mummy yang terlelap dulu..huwarghhhhh...!! ~yawning so badly~

Yesterday, when I came back from school and was accompanying him (Boboy) playing around in the house, he suddenly nagging alone without I was knowing any one of his words. I was like trying to catching up of the things that he was nagging about and following by his back quietly..and here what I got:

Boboy sambil menunggang his motorbike and nagging alone.."tibha-tibha...... thiyaa tampakkk....... paputan pountann..."

Sooo...Anyone of you could tell me what he was saying....???

OK...come and let me help to translate it to you guys..As my story to him sounds this way.."Pada suatu hari...Sang Kanchil sedang berjalan-jaaaalan di dalam hutan..Tiba-tiba..dia ternampak..sepohon rambutan...". Yes..exactly..the only two sentences of really short story for to nights in a row..and here he could tell us back about it..hahahahahaa.... ~kan bagus kalau ada video dia..hikhiks..~

And until now, when anyone in the house asked for the Cerita Sang Kanchil from Boboy, there you go he will tell you the story about..without the pada suatu hari but then terus jaa jump to tibhaa-tibhaa..



Lady of Leisure said...

poutan paputan hehehe so cuteeee...
btw how r u dear? if im now mistaken i bought camera canon g11 kan, how was it ok tak?

Imma said...

yes lady..i am the one..ingat lagi erk..hehe..yes it is soo good..ehehe..ok laa sbb tak pandai guna dslr..so blajar2 laa nii..kekekeke..

Haa..btw..boboy dah pandai cakap and sembang mcm2,,mintak itu ini..so funny and cute klu u dengar..

Eti said...

Hi Imma,

Visiting your blog in return.
I'll be following you too.
Nice blog you have here, your boboy sounds sooo adorable and pandai! (Anak cikgu kannnn...!):-D

Imma said...

Haa..tq tq..harap2 smpi besar camtu laa hendaknyaa..Aminnn...