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Thursday, May 6, 2010


Hey people..I was just babbling about this last few days and guess what happened today while I was driving to and back from school today...??!!

Arghhhhh..they are really immoral parents I could say for not considering the safety of their most value property they have. Some more it is given by HIM..

This morning, there was a father carrying his daughter on his motorbike whom I believe just only 5 or 6 years old when looking to the kindergarten uniform the girl was wearing. The father was carrying her daughter just by putting the girl to sit at the front seat from him. I bet everyone who read this can imagine. I could see the father was kind of a bit uncomfortable riding the motorbike. Isn't that dangerous..?? Plus there was no HELMET provided to the girl and furthermore the girl was carrying her bag on her shoulder by her own..Ehh sii bapak..nak aja aku stop and tumpangkan anak kau kat kereta haku pagi tadi taw..!! but there is no way to stop by..the one-way road is too narrow and operated following the signal from traffic light for the vehicles from which way to pass by first.

Okay, that is the part for morning. And what that happened while I was on my way back from school. And again the father riding motorbike, using the same hilly and extremely zig-zag road, carrying the two sons on the back seat one with helmet and the other one with none of it..Arghh again..membakar hati...Not just enough with that, on the front seat, there was another kid of his was sitting on the front seat from him..and of course with no helmet and what that make me really really really mad was..the kid's face was being covered with only kain batik which I believe the father was feeling so kesian to his child and so by doing that way he could prevent the kid from dust or smoke or what not..Gilaaaa kaa hapaa..!!

Owhh..!! Please I am begging to all parents, do care of your kid's safety as they don't know anything about taking a good care of themselves. Yes some people they are likely not capable of providing the comfort and the luxury of course NOT at ALL but this doesn't mean that the safety can be put aside too...God has given so much of ways for us to try on and to find out..

On the other side of the story, this was what had happened to this boy..dah ada but soooo infrequent of using it. And after soooo long this car seat being place quietly in his dad's car, finally the boy requested to sit on it yesterday...He be on this seat from the beginning until the end of the story of Ronda-ronda petang semalam.hikshiks...


Drama Mama said...

Bapak tu patut beli lah helmet untuk anak2 dia, at least kalau tak mampu beli 2nd hand.

But about carrying anak on motorbike tu i have nothing to say lah.Coz tak tahu situation dia camna so takmo la condemn orang tak tentu pasai. Amin dulu kecik2 pun susah jugak tak dapat merasa naik kereta macam kita ni, and keadaan biasa la bapak dia carry depa 2,3 org naik motor tu. Bila terdesak. Usually kalau jumpa orang camtu yang bawak ramai2 anak atas motor...amin and I sure kesian. Tengok nasib depa takleh bagi comfort naik kereta untuk anak2 bini, alhamdulillah Tuhan bagi kita rezeki dan kemudahan ni.

Walaupun kita ni tak mewah, tapi syukuurrrrr sangat2 kan. :-)

Imma said...

okey laa..sometime bole terima bila bapak bawak anak 2 3 org naik moto as that was my situation too masa kecik2 dulu..org susah kann..tapi anak kecik sgt bawak naik moto..kesian mmg kesian but to the safety side..adakaa patut selubung muka anak ngan kain batik..worst come to worse pon at least helmet laa..lagipon jalan ke balik pulau tuh bahaya dia buat camtu..pagi2 plak tuu..but seriusly kesian kat budak2 tuu.. :-(

Drama Mama said...

imma, selubung kain batik camna? cam ikat kain batik kat muka ka? hmmm...macam2 la orang buat. tapi tak patut la tak pakai helmet. at least beli yang murah la, tak pun 2nd hand ka. tu kalau dia betoi2 pikiaq safety anak2 dia la.

worse is when mak bapak biaq anak2 kecik2 lagi bawak motor, geram tengok. bukan bahaya nyawa budak2 tu ja, nyawa kita sekali bahaya. tsk tsk tsk

Kita just mampu berdoa Tuhan pelihara kita semua lah. ameen.

Imma said...

anak duk depan..kaki dalam raga..pastu selubung kepala smpi badan..nmpk kaki jaa..haishh..lemaih kaa apa xtau laa budak tuu..lawak ada..geram pon ada..

Haaa...yess part bg anak naik moto some more takdak lesen lagi sakit jiwa..

Member ima keta kena langgaq dari depan, radiator pecah..budak sekolah form 4 sekolah teknik balik pulau..for sure takdak lesen sbb awai tahun baru bukak sekolah..

And dunia ni mmg sangat kecik..budak sekolah yg langgaq kereta dia tuh cabot lari..pastu mai ushar plak member ima tuh kat SKM Teluk Kumbaq II tuh konon2 nak tgk sapa yg belanggaq ngan dia..then budak2 sekolah tuh bgtau laa si budak tuh budak SMKTK2 tuh jugak masa form 1-3..dannn....jeng jeng jeng..budak tuh anak murid kelas Ima masa ima jadi GSTT di situ...arghhh...anak murid aku..sooooo bad...!!