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Saturday, November 5, 2011

The Busy-ness of Me

Too bad of me sampai nak update blog pon sebulan sekali..itu jaa yang berkesempatan..Seems too  many things come and go in my life these lately sampaikan tak terlayan dek kepala otak ni kadang-kadang..tsk tsk tsk...

I am actually have bunch of stories to tell here, all about my baking and baking passion these lately, about my lil boy that growing as big boy dah sekarang..nak masuk skul dah..my lovely day..my...my and myy...semua laa nak diabadikan..but it is all the matter of time..Macam tak bersyukur pulak Allah bagi 24 jam masih tak cukup2 to handle and even settle things..huhuhuu..my bad

By the way, before we move over to that bunch of stories that might bring you to the mad, come let me show you of my baking skill that improved I bet in pastry...yeehaaa...ayat tobat perasan tak hengat..

Peeps, here you go my next attempt of baking..my egg tart.. ;-)

What you say compare to my first one..?? better right..

 So agak-agak sesapa yang rasa confident nak tempah..sila-sila laa majukan diri yerk..hihihii ;-)

I am so doesn't realize of myself since when I end up with this kind of passion..I learn of myself and bake one after another. It's all just because I just in insist to know how to make them  but if things could turn into business, nothing is wrong kan..rezki Allah tuu ada kat mana-mana just only if we put the effort to find and get it, then we will get it InsyaAllah..

To all people out there, jom laaa main masak-masak nii...besssss....As my old friend said, I am tuning myself into 'fattening hobby' lahh...Am I... ~thinking mode on.. :-P~

Cheers ;-)

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