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Friday, September 17, 2010

Of Boboy Shopping Spree

Last two days we (me and Hubby) took Boboy for jalan-jalan after quite some time we had never have our leisure time window shopping while jamu-jamu mata because of the fasting month and the BZ-ness of raya celebration.

And as usual, where else of our fave spot place than Q'Bay Mall as there are my fave spot, Jusco..First of all for the day out activity..we went for walking around and mengisi perut. Since I have a very cheap KFC's voucher, we went for it..payah-payah sgt pikir mana nak makan..

Right after meal..The Brands Outlet was the next to get the new socks for our little boy..Toy's R Us after that as Mr Hubby was so insist to get one new toy for Boboy..

And while papa was busy with his business of seeking for what to get for the little boy..Yoy's R Us will be such a playground for Boboy wandering around, looking and testing this and that and running here and there..

Finally he get to this stuff which I interested too..Papa kata mummy yang lebih sebenaqnya..hikhiks..
  Look at the little hand..it was his.. :-) excitedly testing..membakar jiwa mummy utk membelinya.. :-D

OK Boy..you may get it as a pre birthday gift from Mummy.. :-) Hopefully you'll grow up as a person that love to learn :-)

And instead of the above stuff..these were the additional to the collection that we had grab for him..The yellow one papa yang pilih..hihii..

OK..end of the stories..that's all for now..Demikianlah ke-excited-an si kecik Boboy nii..dapat koleksi mainan baru..Wait for the other stuffs coming up next..Sakan si kecik haku nih..!!


Drama Mama said...

wahhh boboy daapt thomas. irfan klu tgk sure menggedik nak jugak nih. haha


Papakeechee said...

best nyer toys baru!!! yeay!! hehe

Imma said...

Haa Bai..memula dia pegang jaa tak kata nak beli..pastu bila dia shake then ada bunyik..terus bawak pi counter and said.. "mummy bayar.."

Imma said...

Yerp Kak Rina..papa punya intention laa konon nak cari 1 jaa toy baru tapi macam2 yang dibeli..ngeh ngeh ngeh..