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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Bila Buah Hati Tak Sihat..

I had went through the hard time when after years been together, it started to fall sick at the first time and I feel the sickness too..

Well peeps, please don't  misunderstood..I meant about my dear Matrix..It was about the 'distress' that happened few days before raya when it broke down half way.

While I was busy with the raya cookies business, the rang from my sister told that it could not be started..OMG..!!! It was suspected due to the battery..Huhu..

Thank God as after some rescue from my Dear Mr Hubby, it recovered..but then it still returned me the impact as this is the second time. Tengok laa..terpaksa 'jump start' baru bole hidup and drive balik..

The worst part was during my convo few months back when it was overheat while we were on the way to Ahah Alam..I was so sad when it was undergoing for treatment..tsk tsk tsk

The course was due to the water in radiator did not smoothly running and therefore it cause to overheat..This is the photo when the radiator been took off..huhuu..


Lady of Leisure said...

dugaan betul kan time2 raya ni..

Imma said...

Hmm..Mjur yang nak dekat raya tuu tak apa2..jump start then OK back..lega rasanya..air battery kering terus..huhu..

But yg masa pegi convo tuh teruk skali..kena RM600+..huhu..but thank God everything were fine and kitorg satu family selamat smpi ke Shah Alam :-)