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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Al-Fatihah Untuk Arwah Ayah

All Muslims, Eid's is just near to the corner..We are celebrating it in this less than 24 hours and sad to say good bye to you the lovely of Ramadhan.. :-(

This morning, we were just came back from visiting the grave of my late father that was left us a very long time ago although I still feel that he is still just near to us, be by my side always and all time..We were preparing him the peace and nice place for him to get back to his origin place once the takbir started to echoing this evening..tsk tsk tsk..sayu dan sedihnyaa teringat ayah..

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"Ayah...May your spirit continued to be placed in peace among those who are blessed and loved by Allah..Amin.."

Al-Faatihah to my late father that had left us on 1st of January 1997 which equivalent to the 21st of Sya'ban 1417 Hijrah..

With God's wills, we will be visiting again tomorrow morning right after Raya prayer to contribute for Yaasin and Tahlil for you 'there'..

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