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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Ehh..!! Dah Dah Laa Rayaa..!!

Tsk tsk tsk..
Ok..after being off for days from blogging due to the bz-ness of celebrating the hari raya..I finally came back with the story of the great holy days..

This is the 2nd time celebrating the hari raya with my beloved boys..the sweet three of us and yet to come to be four but don't know yet when..hikhiks..next coming raya perhaps.. ;-)

My beloved boys of my lovely family

After a week of school breaks and on top of it the raya break continued and today finally I am back to work..back to school even though I believe many of us are still being in holiday mode..huhu..

Anyway..I bet it's not too late to wish all to have a wonderful and memorable moment during this Hari Raya.. For me it was soooooo meaningful as after many years we have no as such this year's opportunity of gathering all the family members and siblings..esp my eldest brother whom that not being with us in family for so many years of hari raya..Thank you Allah for this great moment given to us..Alhamdulillah..

Back : Abg Syam (BIL), Abang (Big Bro), Mak, Mr Hubby
Front : Kakak Icha, yatie (Elder Sister), Adik Nasuha (on sis lap), Illa (elder Sister), OG (eldest sister), Boboy, Myself

Adik-beradik, ipar-duai..sepupu-sepapat

And finally...presenting my little photographer....oh makk aii...little Boboy......!!!!!

Hope to have this kind of hari raya in years to come as I love my family..my big family so much..

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