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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Mission Finally Accomplished..!!

Yess..!! Mr Hubby was craving for lemang since two weeks back when he was seeing people had started to set up the coal fire to burn up the lemang.

And tonight, right after Isya' prayer, my brother asking for the accompany to go out to pay for fitrah and we (me and Hubby) head out together to make the last mission of this year raya shopping accompliseh..seeking for lemang..

Thank God finally we end up with the successful after several stop seeking for it..sampailaa si kecik haku dah terlentok mengantuks..hakhaks...


Drama Mama said...

wah wah sedap lemang! kami pun dapat lemang freeeeee....tanpa disangka2. alhamdulillah rezeki :-D


Imma said...

Furhhh...besss...free tuu..hikhiks..
Kitorg dapat 2 batang 24 hengget..tp dah FadziL mengidam sgt sbb tahun lps raya kat Johor, bayang lemang pon tak nampak..sambaq teruih jaa tak bnyk cerita..hihihii

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