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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Rendang Resipi Tradisi

It was in the making about few hours ago but sorry for the proper ready cooked photo of it since I was like can't wait to have it..hmmm yummy yumm yumm..

Rendang Recipe from Mak vs Lemang

Me and Mr. Hubby has been craving for lemang since these few days..semangat raya tak habih lagi kann..So last night when came back from MIL house, we went to get a lemang and this morning we went to the wet market to get the beef to prepare for rendang.. :-)

For 1.5kilos of beef:
* 5 pcs of onion (med size)
* 5 pcs of garlic
* 2 pcs of lengkuas (~2 inch each piece)
* 1 pc of 2inc ginger
* 3 stalks of lemon grass
* 2 small pack of kerisek
* 2 small pack of meat spice
1 pc of turmeric leave (sliced)
few pcs of lime (kaffir) leaves (sliced)
350ml coconut milk
** Blend together few pcs of cili api if you need the spicy in flavor

  • Blend all the ingredients with * and pour into the pot that filled with beef.
  • Pour the coconut milk.
  • Put in the sliced ingredients and stew on the medium heat.
  • Keep on stir the rendang until the beef turn soft.
  • Don't forget to provide enough salt and flavor.
  • Turn off the stove once the beef turned smooth and its ready to be serve..

I'll be off to Pangkor again for the 3rd time..tsk tsk tsk..but this time around, I'll be attending the course for 4 days..Hopefully I will have some time to blog while being there..I will definitely missing my boys so much.. :-(

Well friends..Happy cooking :-) and have a good time being with your love ones..


Drama Mama said...

nyum nyum! kami nya fave rendang mesti rendang ayam...daging kurang jalan. tapi rendang imma tu nampak macam masak kicap ada kuah2 eh? something new ni, boleh try.


Anonymous said...

ha, I am going to try out my thought, your post give me some good ideas, it's truly awesome, thanks.

- Norman

Imma said...

Drama Mama:
Ehh dak aihh..itu sbb gmbq gelap..huhu..sbb tu nmpk mcm tuu..tapi tak sbnrnya..nak try kaa.. :-P Sila silaaa...

Imma said...

Yerp yerp..hv a try and let me know..hikhiks..really you will like it..mine always in simple dimple recipe.. :-)