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Monday, March 28, 2011

Hari Dating-dating Hari Ni

It has been so long since we dated together, having an outing moment for only the two of us without the little one around, dining while looking to each other eyes, walking wandering and holding hand.. :-) so sweet and we had it today since my youngest sister took the little boy out for the groceries shopping with mom..

Well, dapat jugak laa habuan as all this while, everything shopped just only for the little one..sampai tak sempat nak intai untuk mummy..It's not because everything were just not crossed my interest..it might be too when I was sooooo ghalik hambat si kecit nii.. ;-)

 Yeaaa...baju sekolah baru...i'm lovin' it ;-)

Dan pouch untuk henfon cumil ku.. ;-) sweet...
Thank you Darling...I love you to the bit..mmuahhss..

Hmmm...so, it seems I could melaram with my new baju sekolah tomorrow..yeayy..!!