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Thursday, June 18, 2009

My Baby You

my baby you..are the reason i could fly...

and 'cause of you...i don't have to wonder why

baby you...there's no more just getting by
you're the reason i feel so alive..

Those words above are really hard for me to keep my eyes open as the tears are seems running down with no hints to stop..Adoiihh..sedihnyaa..counting the days..struggling to finish all the things here that made me so sufferring..Counting to finish a month are like waiting for thousands of years..God please bless me with the strength..

Rindunya...I miss my hubby and my baby so much..At this time i am suppose being by their side.. hugging my little boy..sitting with my hubby slurping a cup of hot coffee together tp apakan daya...HIS planning is always perfect than ours..

Hari ni kelas dismis at around 4.30pm. And i am suppose balik rumah sewa and packing utk balik Penang with Eagle Express @5.30pm..tapi esok ada microteaching assessment..so there is no way to get excuse..kena laa balik Png the next day..Since i have nothing to do and i have not in mood to do things, i planned to hang out dgn Kak Ida..We met at McD Section 18 Shah Alam..Kak Ida still mcm dulu..xbnyk yg berubah but i really respect her...super duper survival lady..nak jadi mcm dia jugak lahh..but i know myself better..i am not that strong enough..
We had meal together there..sharing the story and the most valuable motivation from her..TQ Kak..i will boost up my spirit and time will tell later in the future.. ;-)

More than half a year I was in Shah Alam..Almost give up dah of what I am going on now but my hubby is always standing by my side and make me wake up again and again and again..Jatuh dan bangun semula all is because of our future..I had choose to go this way so I will have to finish it.."Be strong my dear and always pray to God..HE will send HIS bless to you when you are always remember HIM". That is what my hubby always said to me.."Walaupun jauh tapi abg tetap di hati kann..so syg kena kuatkan semangat ok". TQ my dear, because of you i still feel so alive..

Boboy..my precious little baby..the one of him really makes my life like full of friends around..Mummy really miss u my dear boy..When looking into his eyes and i belief that he deserve to get the better life in the future..Mummy promise that and mummy wont leave you as what we had to go through now..just for little bit more time..mummy will get back to your side ok..Boboy have to be strong too or else mummy will be even worst than now. Just for this moment..Mummy papa and you will need to sacrifice..Weekend will never enough I know tapi untuk waktu nii jaa..Please and forgive me yer sayang..

People always said that time flies so fast..and for certain time i do admit it and even faaster but in this condition of mine..i really can't wait to finish even one day...it's almost a year for me..Penantian is really menyiksakan when i was alone without all my loved ones..life is soo hard..i really kind of struggle to survive..Like my course mate is always tag, "cepatlaa masa berlalu".

though these words i say are true
they still fail to capture you
as mere words can only do
how do i explain that smile
and how it turns my world around
keeping my feet on the ground

Counting the day..i have 34 days to go to get back to Penang..being together with my loved ones..I really missed them sooo much..as weekend being a mom and a wife will never never enough..I wish i still a better mom and wife..thus be the best as well. Times is flying..tick..tock..tick...tock..tick..tock.....


EdaManAli said...

byk2 laa sbr Puan...like U mention a few times in this writing, "this is for u & ur family future"...you are more than half way of it...just go on...
BoBoy xape2 pn, mommy je yg sedih2...be strong for him, OK. U R SUPERMOM, YES, U ARE...

Imma said...

Thanks Ida..really appreciate your wirds..Yes as what u said..Boboy mcm tak ape2 pun je..hehe..mummy mmg sensitip..huhuu..he is even closer to me compare to his papa :-) wpun balik weekend jer..that's make me even stronger instead hubby is the one too..All in all..tks and tks again..love u my pren.. ;-)