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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

ToK vs AtuK

The two persons which are always manjakan Boboy..Both of them, tok and atuk are grandmas for Boboy..where ever he been, either at tok's house or when going back to kampung
atuk, Boboy will always like a diamond..seems like he is the only one cucu yang tok and atuk
ada..padahal cucu tok and atuk berderet..kalau beratur nak kasik duit raya..terbatuk jugak laa..huhuu..In anyways..they are always happy with si cilik of mine..muhammad danish wafiq da cute and sweet little boy...

Boboy tinggal dengan tok while Mummy are away in study mode at Shah Alam..And few weeks back, Boboy ikut acik..acu and tok to Bukit Merah Laketown and Waterpark..Huh..seronok laa dia..tak bawak mummy and papa pon kann..Mummy had been there once..itu pun it was some where in the year of 1999 if I am not mistaken..that time Boboy and Papa is not yet in the story..dah lama dulu..family outing..Papa also been there for few times but I belief papa tak pernah masuk pun ke water park tuu..It's still in our planning to be there again later in the future..tgu Boboy besar sikit baru berbaloi nak bermandi manda and provided adik Boboy pun dah besar laa..[kalau ada adik laa then that time.. ;-)] hehe..Boboy teman tok while acik and acu are bz entertaining kakak Icha and Cuha at the pool. (Kakak Icha and Cuha are Boboy's cousin sisters). As acik said..'seb baik ada Boboy buat teman tok..kalau tidak mesti tok boring'. At all time diorg are so happy, seems like completing each other..

About atuk, the one who is seldomly meet Boboy..once in a while bila mummy and papa ada kelapangan balik kampung..Most of the time we will bring Boboy to meet his atuk 2 minggu skali or depends on our free time as I am not always have enough time during weekend..luckily my hubby do understand on the situation but sometimes i can feel that hubby terasa teringin sgt nak balik kampung but have to accept the condition of mine..I am so sorry my Dear..Time will tell later that we will actually might spend time frequently going back to kampung..

The story is..sebelum ada Boboy..at every time we reach mak's house at Air Puteh..i am so proud bila mak sambut like I am a menantu kesayangan..salam..peluk..cium..complete enough..tp skrg semua tuh dah beralih arah ke Boboy..Once kereta smpi kat perkarangan rumah jaa..atuk sambut Boboy dulu rather than to hug or even bersalam to me..huhuhh..but it still makes me happy to see that Boboy still know his atuk even they not frequently meet..Kadang-kadang susah hati bila Boboy nangis kat kampung time tidor malam..atuk mula la gelisah tak tidoq..silap2 terpa naik atas tak senang hati kalau cucu dia nih nangis..padahal nangis nak mintak susu jaa pon.. hahahaa..Boboy....boboy...poor atuk laa sayang..

Here are some stories about Tok vs Atuk pada Boboy..All in all are in regards of my little one..Budak manja and makin hari makin banyak akai bak kata tok..Atuk always said 'besaq dah cucu atuk' at every time kitorg bawak Boboy balik kampung..hehe..Lepas ni atuk sure tak larat nak hambat dia nampak gayanyaa..hehehee..wait and see.. ;-)

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