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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Maharaja Lawak Tegar

ML show will be touring to Penang tomorrow for their next live show..and don't me believe that I had been more than crazy enuff to go and fight bermatian-matian to queue for the entrance passes which I NEVER done even once before for the rest of my 30 years of life...haha..memang gila meghoyan kannn..

The super duper looooooooooonng-Q

Well, it was not frustrating andMr. Hubby should you treat me for something that very special for my hard work even it was damn crazy being in the crowd to get them..Well, my word, this will be the FIRST and the LAST episode of my craziness..

And..wish to have a fun and enjoy moment tomorrow with my love ones watching ML in live show..hakshaks..Sungguh ML tegar-nyaa aku..

Cheers ;-)
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adcom said...

wahhh..jelesnya imma...
happy watching!

Imma said...

Ahahahaha...aku pon taktau gila apa yg aku buat..selama ni tak pernah pon aku sebok2 nak ni ambik even any free ticket sbb mencih sesak..kali ni boleh plak aku terjebak..ishk ishk ishk...BTW, jangan jeles erh Adha.. :-P