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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Semalam Lain Hari Nii Lain

Yesterday right back after school, I had made up my time with baking mood again...taktau laa pasai apa semenjak dua menjak niii kemaruk buat macam-macam..

Actually, we (me and school colleagues) will be having such a small gathering among few of us main masak-masak buat nasik dagang since there is a fellow that terribly craving (akuu laaahh tuuu) for it..But in other way for return, I make this simple cocktail puding as a dessert..

Tropical fruits coctail before the mixture been pour into it 

Pour in the mixture until all the mix fruits been covered.
Left it to cool in the room temperature before place it into the fridge.
Ni rupa dia semalam...

Dan hari niii jadi lain sikit... ;-)
The look after a night in the fridge..pastu deco laa ala2 suka hati sendiri..ahaks.. :-D
Ni yang baki dari bekas besar tak muat tuu..so masuk sikit dalam small container..so jadi laa comel macam niii...

So peeps...Please excuse me for now as I felt so full with nasi dagang..mengantuk pun ada..keji kan..huhuhuuu..and will be sharing out the recipe on how do I prepare this in the next blogging time..my promise okey..

Till then, have a sweet dream..
Cheers ;-)

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