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Monday, November 29, 2010

The 2-in-1 Lovely Dinner Treat

As promises, I have a bunch of stories on hand to be story out but only the matter of time and the opportunities that available makes the stories interrupted halfway..

Since the little one is still now soundly sleeping..why don't I started with the story of my two-in-one lovely dinner treat last Sunday. It's not merely a dinner..but something lovely conjunction to our 3rd Anniversary and my 31st birthday treat..How sweet..

We just had a simple dimple dinner that night since there was a lady mommy was really craving for steamboat and it was like a MUST to be Seoul Garden. So right after Asar prayer, we headed to the one in Autocity..bunyi seperti sangat kepingin kan..not a big deal to Mr. Hubby I bet.. ;-)

nampak tak meja yang ni and yang belakang tuu..itu jaa yang available that time..
nasib baik..klu tidak.....kempunan laa kepinginan itu..

The moment we arrived at the restaurant..there was seems no vacant table for us to be seated..Of course with no any early booking, moreover it was Sunday but luckily as rezeki to me, hubby and our little one, there were only two tables available..The rest were full seated and booked..Thank God..

The little boy once been seated..Please excuse of his little whitey bear that could not been left behind anytime and anywhere..

The trademark smilie of his.. :-D and still his little whitey bear by his side..

The unlimited choices of dish for the first round..I love mussels very much..yummy gummy..

As we know, you may eat all you can in Seoul Garden but bear in mind that there will be some charges imposed for the leftover not finished dish..so..jaga-jagaaa..tak bole tamak-tamak..!! (said Boboy)..

 The hot mommy with her little cheeky boy..And again..senyum yang menyengih iteww..!!

 Mr Hubster...sangat susah hokeyh nak ambik pic dia...haishhh...luckily I managed to have this the sweet ever piccas of him.. :-)

 Makan time..

Nyum nyum..." yang piting-piting...iya syedaaappp.." (= yang paling penting..ia sedappp... <-- ayat iklan ketupat faiza)

 The desert..ice-cream which more than enough after all the dish cramped in stomach..ni pon the second round punya eskrem..hihi

 And this one for little kiddo of mine..2 scopes were just nice to fed him..tak sempat capture as awal2 dah kena sudu..hahahaa..

And now it's the time to leave..the bill amounted was not so bad compare to what have we had..And to your knowing, I had been to Seoul Garden for several times and different restaurant, but this one was the best I bet..And to those are from Penang or coming over to Penang, I would highly recommend this for your steamboat corner if you wish for it..

My Dear Mr Hubby, thanks for this lovely ever treat..I love the sweet moment of the night and I love you till the end of my breath...mmuahhhss.....balik dalam suasana terang bulan penuh..What a so romantic night spent with the love ones..

I wish to have this kind of lovely moment in the future..InsyaAllah...pray for our happiness forever and hereafter..Aminnn...

Lepas ni kita layan makan-makan entry lagik erk..and also off our trip and jalan-jalan.. ~wink~


Drama Mama said...

nice! happy belated birthday again!


Imma said...

Thanks Bai..
Happy belated birthday to u too..

Sorry for the late wishes..Bak kata Kak Rina (papakeechee) but it is still in the month kan.. ;-)
Camna tahun ni punya celebration..?? Good..??