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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Muhammad Danish Wafiq yang Penyayang

Semenjak dua menjak nih, Boboy is being so pampered and loving..Why do I said that..???

Scenario 1:
Boboy : ~patted on his mom's back~
Mummy : Jangan laa buat mummy sakit2..Nanti mummy sedeyhh...
Boboy : ~still continue with his doing~
Mummy : Adoiii...sakit laaa...mummy takmau kawan Boboy lah.. ~while making muka sekupang merajuk~
Boboy : Mummy...mai Boboy cium mummy balik...mai laaa ~coming closer to kiss his mom~ Nak salammmm....

Scenario 2:
If he got scolded by him mom or even his dad..mesti beriya sebik2 mulut and nangis smpi kluar air mata..then he will come to either one of us and say "Syuwee papaaa...syuweee mummy...nak syalammm" while reaches out to shake hands. (* syuwee is means sorry)

Scenario 3:
Usually when we were about to go out somewhere, I will always to make him ready first. And while mummy busy with touching up and stuffs, he will be busy with his beloved bear to bring it out too..
Boboy : Mummy...nak bawak bear-bear...tak bole laa tinggaiii...nanti iya syedeyhhh...
~ So, whenever we go out and where ever we been, he will NEVER leave his beloved whitey yang dah tak berapa nak whitey dah tuu behind.

This one is when we were out for dinner..
His bear-bear has been put on a shirt and short as said Boboy,
"Bear-bear malu laa tak pakai syuar..tak pakai baju..."

Boarding in Penang-Langkawi ferry ~jauh2 pon husung bear-bear dia..~

Jalan-jalan to Underwater World, Langkawi...dan husung lagi..

As his sleeping partner..day and night

Where else...balik kampung..ronda-ronda..and what if his 'bear-bear' was left, me and mr. hubby will never have  waktu outing yang aman as he will be so cranky and keep on asking for his little whitey bear-bear..

Scenario 4:
Just if his skin got some kind of wound or bitten by insects especially the mosquitoes or he had hit to something, he will be sooooo cranky asking for ubat to be put on or else, duk sakit situ laa...

Well..there are a lot more where by if to story out, jadi novel pulak satgi.."Kisah Boboy dengan Bearb-bear nya...hihi...


Papakeechee said...

hehe cute! ... bear pun sesaiz dgn boboy ... huhuhu ^_^

Imma said...

Aa ahh..sesaiz maca Boboy a small baby dulu sbb baju yg bear-bear pakai skrg tuh baju dia dulu..hahahaha..baik hati kan kasik baju kat bear-bear..