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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Majesty Of Our Love

Both of us (Mr. Hubby and I) we have a plan to go for anniversary photo shoot but it is all about the matter of time..not sure which year of anniversary would the plan to come true..tsk tsk tsk..teringin taw..!

The initial plan should taken place during our previous anniversary which was when our marriage turns full year but since I was in confinement period at that time, we had postponed the plan to the following year but now it seems been postponed and postponed to the which of next anniversary's year that we are not know..

So, since the photo shoot has not yet come to it's excel, hence we just had the normal celebration just like having dinner together, handsel for each other, taking honey to the moon ;-) and etc etc etc..

You and me..
We used to be together
Everytime together...alwayss... ;-)

Well, anyone that have a good photography package to suggest...? shall you please advise us yeah.. ;-) thanks a bunch..till then..



Drama Mama said...

wahhh...beli cincin baru untuk anniversary ka? syioknya!


Imma said...

Drama Mama:
Hihihiii...gitu laa chernyaa..lama tak beli barang utk incik Hubby..