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Friday, December 10, 2010

Last Day..!!! Hurry..!!

Hurry..!!! as today is the last day for B.O.S 1st Giveaway!! Thanks a bunch to those that willing to joined in the giveaway. Well, to anyone that still feeling like to participate, please do so as you will have another 17 hours to go before the closing time and date which is by today's midnight..yeehaaa.. ~tick! tock! tick! tock! tick! tock!~

For more information, you may click on this banner that will lead you to the giveaway page.

And below are the list of the gifts that will be given away as for your knowing:

  • 1 pc of Sunny Baby Cloth Diapers worth RM35 from BabyCooL One-StoP
  • 1 pc of Rainbow Cloth Diapers worth RM29 from babyCooL One-StoP
  • 1 pc of baby item worth RM15 from the owner of BabyCooL
  • 3 pcs of Busha Legging worth RM15 each sponsored by Sweetlittle Kidz Collection
So, there will be SIX blogs that will be announced as the winner within ONE weeks from the closing date. So what are you waiting for, come on move your fingers to CLICK HERE to be a part of them those had joined in this 1st giveaway organized by BabyCooL One-Stop

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