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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Streamyx owh! Streamyx

I have been bonded with Streamyx connection since 2006..it's all because I have to have it at home for office work. Last time when I was started to served for Dell, this streamyx connection became a need as sometime I have to conference from home..support and as well as in standby mode during not working days..

So that time I had started with the early bird Streamyx-in-a-box promotion package at RM77/month and with it I could get 1Mbps speed which sometime tak sampai ponn..pemohong jaa..The number are remain as a number..huhu..

After a long runs the package has undergone the several stages of updates and revise, and there are millions of options you can go with. I don't really knowfor all but it is a lot to choose.

And so last two days, I went to TM-Point in intention to upgrade the speed, the package ad the points since there are quite a numbers of points in the house are waiting to bond the connection. We have four lappys in the house and three HTCs. So after-all perhaps every single source that exist in the house need not to scramble to use the internet connection.

I was initially want to have the plan no.3 but unfortunately they have no free port to support 2M speed to our area..too bad..konon laa tuu, ramai sgt yang subscribe for 2M sampai penuh..or nak habaq kami yg lembab lambat mai register..menyampah..Well..1M pon 1M lahh..But if I get lower than this, there Streamyx you will always will get it from me..!! aku garang hokehhy..!! 

It is now has working almost 24 hours with no problem yet..Everyone in the house could get connected so well..Aku rasa lah kan..mesti kat sistem diorg tuh dah marked to served better to this customer sebab kalau salah sikit memang kena hambur..kah kah kah...

So, ayon would want to upgrade or make a new registration, you may move your bum now as there are a lot of free stuffs are waiting..walaupon tak seberapa kann yang FREEnya tuh..tp dah org bagi hambik jer laahh..!!


Drama Mama said...

dapat free netbook tak imma? adik bai subscribe wireless tapi rasa dalam rm70-80 ja kot. dapat free netbook.

lani syiok la pi mah mak pun dah boleh connect internet..bawak lappy sendiri. dulu semua orang dok berebut laptop dia sorang. haha!


Imma said...

Drama Mama:
Tak dapat pon Bai..sbnrnya nak upgrade tp area ni port dah penuh utk 2M speed..so tak dapat apa2 laa..

Yang free2 tuh semua utk org yg buat new subscription..huhu..
Takpa laa lain kali..esok2 dah pindah kaa kann..hihi

isabelle said...

eh...yg dulu dlm netbook la.
ni i dok guna taip komen ni

Imma said...

Dulu Imma subscribe Merdeka Special Package..takdak plak pasal netbook2 nih..dulu nun tahun 2006..

Package netbook ni baru kot erh Isabelle..maklumlaa..tak mensurvey pon..huhu..since dah ada malas nak subscribe baru..klu betoi ada..nak jgk buat thn depan..bila dah pindah..

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