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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Agak-agaknyaaa laaa kann...........

Agak-agaknyaa laa kan..nanti Boboy kalau dapat adik mesti perempuan tak..???
Doa-doakan laa erk..Who know if Allah might want to gift His rezeki to Boboy to get adik pompuan kan..

Ok, just look at on his head, he simply put something just looks like a head band for girl and came to his mommy and said.."Mummy..cantek tak Boboy pakai..macam kakak laa..macam kakakkkk....hihihiii (gelak dengan galak sekali) "

And if you wanna know what was that on his head..?? Its a waist from a container when its cap been opened..boleh kann..Well, this are all not about that he is trying to imitate to be a girl or insisting to have a sister (ni kerja Tuhan kalau nak dapat) but I tell you what..my son is super imaginative boy..doesn't he..?? hahahahahaaa...


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