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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Alhamdulillahhh..Tertunai Jugak Akhirnyaaa..

Syukur alhamdulillah at finally in the midst of the bz-ness..i had managed to fulfill the promises to settle all about the giveaway matter and to all the lucky fellows, here you go all the parcel that been out for delivery yesterday..

Bertaburan kat passenger seat dalam kereta..
on the way to the post office..hikhiks..

Registered to be on the delivery track...Tungguuuu....!!!!

With the full of honest and generous, I feel so happy when I could make other people feeling happy too..much to my satisfaction when I could make their day and of course for their little one :-) So to those that really awaiting of your gift, here they are reaching you in some short time..

Please do let me know once you get them yeah...Happy to make up your day dearies..
Thanks for all your support and happy parenting.. :-)



Huda said...

tqvm imma :)

Imma said...

you are most welcome Huda..
Tunggu lepas ni nak buat gvaway utk para mummies plak... ;-)
Apa yerk adiahnyaa..tudung & shawls sesuai kot erk since berlambak tudung & shawls yg beli but tak terpakai..huhuhuuu..