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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Cloth-Diapering is Still Easy and Yet..SIMPLE..

Lately as the weather is not as expected. Sometime when He need to boon us with all His grace, there you are the rainy day would get along with your days..

And if as He would want to give a good day..there you will get the shiny for all day long..But still my cloth-diapering activities went pretty smooth and yet still simple..

When everything had done with manually rinse from the 'pee' and 'poo'..I simply dumb them all into washing machine and let it do for all the cleaning jobs up to spin..simply simple and complete..

 To hang as well is just pretty easy..
These are the daily Boboy's daily dosage of CDs..
4-6pcs per day depending on the flow..hahaha...

And yet..my baby is still happy and comfort with it..tak susah kan..sapa kata susah..?? So what else to wait..lets support of the "Green for Earth" and healthy life for your love ones..Sorry for the quality of the pics as they were just taken by using camera phone..mummy malas nak kluarkan dia punya G11..nak simpan bikin tukun kot.. :-P

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Drama Mama said...

lepas ni toilet train trus imma...lagi jimat! haha


Imma said...

Drama Mama:
Haa..in progress..skrg dia baru pandai bgtau dia dah kincheng and dah iyakk..tp nak kincheng blm bgtau lagi and nak iyak plak habaq tp tak sempat nak kejarkan ke toilet..hahaha..

InsyaAllah sikit masa lagi..this coming school holiday perhaps.. ;-) insyaAllah