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Monday, December 6, 2010

The Story Behind Of Our Last Weekend

This is to story about of our last weekend..It been a long time since our last gathering amongst our family members..As usual what else other than the chatting activities instead of makan-makan while hanging outside somewhere all together..

And this time around, the spot that been chosen was................tadaaa.....

Puncak Mutiara Cafe ;-)

Based in Kampung Pelet, Bukit Mertajam..somewhere in Penanti area, the place are simply cool and windy as it is located in a peace area far from the bustling city and top of the hill. It's a nice place to be for any occasion and gathering..The surrounding was really comfortable, peaceful and clean ideal for family leisure activities.

In addition to the goat farm, there are also areas of ostrich farming here. 

The kitchen, counters and order station are neatly arranged separately. There a huge of choices for the booths or pavilions for dining to your own comfort. And just as with the restroom facilities as well with the prayer room available in such of convenient condition.

We choose to be sitting on this kind of dining booth as it is simply leasure..so the little kiddos could scout around without us to worry of them to fall from their seat or what not..

 whopppss...sunglasses mummy tuh jaga2 sikit naa...huhuu..

And there..anak and bapak pon leh baring2 gituuuu...super duper leisure  moment..

Puncak Mutiara Cafe is famous with their specialty of lamb base dishes. Their lamb are freshly slaughtered from their own cultured farm. I love their simply the best briani peha kambing to the bits. It came in a huge plate with the giant size of goat tight..hummmpphh...perfect..!!! together with their dal curry and air asam..

uwaahhh...!!! ini pon payah nak habiskan..!!

So to those that insist to bring their family for leisure time and hanging out for dining..here might be one of among your consideration. The meals was nice, services are great too and the place is simply comfortable. Moreover, the price is not bad too..

For more in information, you may want to collect them from their website by clicking here..

Cheers ;-)


Drama Mama said...

nyam nyam nyam!!!!sedap tuuu!


Imma said...

Drama Mama:
Aa ahh Bai..sewius sedapp...
sepinggan tuh banyak gila nak habiskan tp sedap punya pasai bole habeh...
Tp klu Bai jenih tak makan banyak..boleh share ngan Amin sepiggan tuu.. ;-) Ima sepinggan always share with Boboy..hihi

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