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Friday, December 24, 2010

Berkat Sabarnyaa Menanti.. ;-)

Yeahh..finally after a long waits..I finally got of what I have been eyeing on for all this while..

My next collection of my passion was just arrived this afternoon...sukaa..sukaa..sukaa...hihihii..
Mr Hubby was saying to our little boy.."Boboy..pi tidoq cepat..nanti petang papa balik, boleh kita pi jalan-jalan..Mummy tak sabaq nak bawak bag 'toch' baruu dia tuu.."

Please enough of teasing me yerk Darling.."Abang jugak yang suka kalau bini abg nih chanteks bergaya gituh kann.. :-P" ~sungguh gedix berbunga-bunga hati gituu perempuan inih taw..!~

Coach Madison Leather Hippie Convertible Bag #15476

Ok..ok..enough for this post..please excuse me as I would like to melaram-melaram sat depan cerminwith my new passion gadget yeah..Will catch up back with you guys later..

But meanwhile, for those that been lucky for last Giveaway from B.O.S, you may want to check this notice about all your gifts..Till then...tataaaaa... ;-)



Azmiezas said...

I luv coach too..

Imma said...

Haa..tuu laa..kalau laa banyak duit..mesti dah buat collection dah one by one..huhuhuu..So far very few collection pon dah rasa berbunga2 hati dah..hihihii

ARIBA said...


Imma said...

Hahahahaa...sekali sekala...
Dua kali botak kepala.. :-D hihihii

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