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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Golden Fried Potato

Me myself was not sure how I could turned out with this kind of recipe..It was all about the idea on trying something new no treat my little boy that been choosy and choosy day to day. And so, hasil dari merepek-repek plus with the lazy-bum of me in cooking these lately, here the meal that turned out..I named it as Golden Fried Potato..
This is upon the 1st try..OK but not bad..The little one love it so bad.. :-) mesti dalam hati dia berkata-kata.."bleh tahan gak walaupon mummy haku merepek.." weee...

And this one is upon the second attempt..as per requested from Mr. Hubby yang nak tumpang sekaki, therefore there were some anchovies been interspersed on the side..hihi..

While this is the 3rd attempt, and this time around, the onion that been fried with oyster sauce were never been mixed together, therefore it looks a little bit more dried and no anchovies for this time. This one special made for little boy..hukhuks..

So dear..puas makan potato hari-hari..??
And anyone would wanna put some try on this, here you go the super simple dimple the way to cook, but perhaps you guys wont turn lazy as I do yer.. :-D

  • potatoes, cut into wedges
  • marinate them with turmeric powder and a pinch of salt for 5-10 minutes
  • fry them until they turned golden
  • then saute the onion, put a table spoon of oyster sauce, mix them together
  • fried until about 5 minutes then pour all the fried potatoes together
  • put a bit of daun bawang and daun sup that been cut into tiny pieces 
  • Stir them evenly and they are now ready to be served

Mudah..?? Senang..?? Yesss...you may want to try for your little one..buat jajan pon sodapp..!!
Happy cooking all dear..


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