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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Another Story of The Anniversary

I am not good enough in doing surprise or something like that..moreover the Mr. Hubby..telus dan transparent..After a hard thinking of what is the suitable gift for our anniversary this year..ini jaa lah yang terlintas dalam kepala hotak ku..

The portraiture been painted by one of my colleague at school..High credit to him..kira kenangan jugak laa since he is moving to Kelantan by this coming new school session..Thanks Mr. Jeff Lay..and now it has been hung perfectly in our bedroom..CooL... ;-)



Drama Mama said...

cute boboy pakai ketayap!


Imma said...

Drama Mama:
Bai..Imma suka songkok..tapi papa dia suka kopiah..so kopiah pon kopiah laa...hikhiks..tp imma really like potrait nih.. ;-)