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Monday, November 8, 2010

Boboy's 2nd Birthday Bash

As usual when November come, I'll be more excited than the other month as this month has given me so much of meaningful moment year to year..

And as earlier plan, we would want to have a birthday party for our little boy as he is getting two this year. But unfortunately, Mr Hubby put on the decision to have it in such a simple celebration as we will have other occasions to come this month, therefore I came to the agreement and to keep it within our closed family members..with MIL's family around too..

My lovey-dovey boys ;-)

Few weeks lately, I was kindaf stuck in the bz-ness of the school business settlement, students examinations, courses and etc etc that came and left..Therefore the party was turned out in a very simple manner but still there were the super mouth-watering chocolate moist of the little boy's fave..

The birthday cake - Chocolate Moist Homemade Cake

Hey....!! muncung sexy youuuuu...!!!

Sorry Dear since this was the last minute ordered that made no Pingu figurin as you wish for..It was a homemade ordered from a friend of mine. The initial plan is to have Pingu but unfortunately the last minute action turned into this Upin & Ipin's figurins but still your favorite too kan sayang...?? And no doubt when it comes to that yummilicious chocolate moist cake, Boboy seems can't stop asking for it..huuuhh..Seriously it was simply awesome.. ;-)

The meals prepared were as well turned out in the simple way though..No worries Dear..there will be more years to come InsyaAllah kalau umur panjang we will have it in something better than this..

The full of colors of meals of the day..

I wish my dear little boy to grow up to be a loyal servant of Allah..a good son to your mummy and papa..grow up as a wise person and I really hope that your life will always full of happiness and blessed from HIM...Aminn..

Here are some piccas of the day that I had already directed them into a slide..enjoy..

To my little angel, MOMMY & PAPA LOVE YOU TO THE BITS..Mmmauhhhss...


Drama Mama said...

happy birthday boboy! semoga jadi hamba Allah yang soleh dan anak yang taat. :-)

psttt...muka boboy sama lah ngn upin ipin. hehehehehe


Imma said...

Drama Mama:
Thanks Bai..insyaAllahh..Ameennn...

Hukhuks...nasib baik ada rambut kan...klu laa rambut duk macam masa kecik2 dulu...hahahahhaa..konfem sama..sbb muka dah bulat dah..kekekekee..

Papakeechee said...

Happy Birthday Boboy!!

Mana Cake??? ngeh ngeh ngeh ^_^

adcom said...

cantiknya kek boboy...happy belated besday...semoga ceria2 selalu ek...be a good boy...:)

Imma said...

Thanks Auntie Rina...
Kek...??? Alaa...dah habes laaa..huhu..auntie mengidam tak..klu ngidam nanti Boboy suruh Mommy tempah lagi erk bagi auntie sikit.. :-D

Imma said...

Thanks Adha..alaa kek biasa jer..last minute tempah..lagi 3 hari nak party baru kalut..ni jer laa hasil yang mampu..hikhiks..