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Monday, November 8, 2010

Kedai Aku Terkenalkah..??

While I was browsing around with my blogshop, I was suddenly came across with this corner that surprised me a bit when my blogshop is actually has this much offan that like my shop..hikhiks..layankan jaa..

Well..I knew the other bloggers that operating their blogshop has thousands of fans but I am impressed to myself as with the size of the shop that really ciput, but yet still I have the fellows that like my shop though..

Boley laa...dengan gaya2 haku yang agak malas dan lembab lambat skek mencari pelanggan dek kesibukan yang melanda..huhu..

So guys, please make up your time to drop by to my blogshop as there are few year end CHEAP SALE is running on for now..HAPPY SHOPPING..!!

Cheers... ;-)


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