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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Dinner Treat for Little Jingle

This little boy was kept on begging his daddy for satay since 3-4 days ago..I don't have any idea why satay and I bet it must be because few weeks back we went for satay treat at Tanjung Bungah Hillside with both mothers (my Mom and MIL) before headed to Feringhi Night Market. And therefore he still remember it..

So yesterday Mr. Hubby brought us for dinner at Ah Basri Satay, D'Piazza and there he had so much of excited of having them all..He loves chicken satay so bad..We ordered just two meal set of Lamb Satay in Tomato Rice where this one is for little boy while there was a fellow on diet so she would not eat so much i guess.. :-D and the side dish were the additional of few sticks of lamb satay..

And just look at his concentration on his eating moment..sampai tak perasan mummy tengah capture his picture and unlike usual, it was a hard time when I would wanna take his piccas..

Well, I love the bowl of soup very much..It is simply marvelous..I don't know it might be because I am normally a soup lover..And of course the lamb and ostrich satay that really awesome and I love them too to the bit :-) Nanti kita pi lagi erhh abang... ~wink wink~

Well..weekend is again just around the corner..So peeps..have a good day and pleasant treat on your weekend..Enjoy the moment with your love one and take care..!!


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Wanie said...

cam best ja ah basri nyer satay..
Nak kena rasa gak ni..